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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of fencing do you install?
Economy Fence installs wood, iron, vinyl and chain link fence, as well as gates, arbors, trellises and railings.
What is your service area?
We serve all of Western Washington from Olympia all the way up to Bellingham. If you are located in the Puget Sound region, we can help you with your fencing needs.
Is there a fee for estimates?
No. All of our estimates are free. Just fill out this form and we’ll come to your location and evaluate your project for you.

What is your Good Neighbors Fence Program?
Our Good Neighbor’s Fence Program is our way of giving back to the communities we serve. Learn more about Good Neighbor’s Fence Program here.
What kind of warranty do you offer?
We offer a 3 year warranty on materials and installation. Some product lines offer longer warranties.
Is a deposit required?
Yes. We require 50% at the time of signing the contract proposal.
What will happen at my appointment?
I want to move forward. What next?
Does metal fencing require maintenance?
Very little maintenance is required. An occasional rinsing to keep it clean is about all that is needed.
Who identifies property lines?
The owner is responsible for locating and identifying all property lines.
Who is responsible for permits?
The owner is responsible for securing and paying for permits.
How long will my project take?
The scope of every project is different, but our sales and installation team will assist in letting you know our lead-time and the amount of time it will take to construct your new fence.
How tall can my fence be?
The standard height requirement varies in the different jurisdictions.
Do you sell materials for DIY projects?
Does Economy Fence Center install automated gates?
Yes! Learn more on our Gate Automation page.

Gate Automation FAQs

What does Economy Fence Center need to know in order to provide an accurate proposal?
  1. Do you have a power source within 6’ of the gate location? If no, contact a licensed electrician for an estimate to install a power source. EFC is NOT licensed to connect to your home electrical panel.
  2. Have you checked with your HOA or local building department to see if a motorized gate is allowed in your community?
  3. Have you contacted your local Fire Department to determine their specific access requirements (knox switch, fire strobe, click 2 enter).
  4. Do you know how you want to provide access to family members, UPS/FedEx or other delivery services? EFC will assist in determining the appropriate access controls based on your input.
  5. Are we installing automation at a single-family residence, multi-unit complex or industrial/business location?
  6. Are you interested in EFC providing scheduled maintenance for your automation system? (Please ask Sales person for details).
How long does it take to install a new gate automation system?
The process of custom building your gate, special order electronic equipment, inspections, installation time, on average takes 2-3 months from the time you sign your contract documents and provide a 50% deposit.
Will my landscaping be affected?
Yes. EFC will need to dig holes for your gate posts, pour concrete pads for your gate operator, control box and certain other accessories. We will also need to trench for conduit from power source to operator and certain accessories.
Will my driveway be affected?
If your application requires cutting into your asphalt or concrete driveway to run conduit from one side to the other, EFC will patch the driveway affected but not guarantee it to match the existing driveway in color or overall appearance. If you have a specialty driveway material i.e. stamp concrete, pavers, etc. EFC will add the cost to bore a hole under your driveway to run our conduit from one side to the other.
Will EFC fix my landscaping
EFC will work to minimize landscape disturbance. We will patch the driveway with either asphalt cold patch or concrete depending on type of driveway being cut. We will fill the conduit trench with the dirt that was displaced (homeowner will need to replace sod, grass seed or any other beautification to these areas at their own expense).